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Authenticity is my Superpower.

I have learned to see myself as others see me and it’s allowed me to become fearless. I love sharing my insights and the programs I’ve created to empower men & women to make their dreams come true.

My abilities to connect on all levels coupled with my entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking has led me to where I am today. I thrive seeing others succeed and am passionate about each client I work with, both individually and in group settings. It is my intention to share my gifts with the world and create a Community where we can grow, learn and create the life and business of our dreams while making a difference.


Fernanda Bressan is an entrepreneur with heart. Her passion for positive living  shines through in her personal and professional life. Whether coaching, consulting or teaching, Fernanda’s authenticity and ability to connect make her an inspiration to others. She has a talent for fluidly integrating her knowledge and fearlessness in a creative way into her work.

Her extensive business experience, Creative Insight Journey Certification, Transformational Life Coaching, work as a Desire Map Facilitator, integrated with her 200 Hr Yoga Certification, Karma Kids Yoga Certification & Reiki Levels I & II allow her to bring a uniquely mindful yet playful approach to all those she works with both in group settings and privately.