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FERNANDA BRESSAN, Business Architect
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Life & Business coaching is a resource for those who want to prioritize and invest in themselves. It’s an exciting and effective way to have support and accountability on your journey of personal growth and business development. We work on various areas of your life,
depending on your needs and wants.
As a Business Architect, my role is to support Entrepreneurs design and shape their businesses. My style of coaching is extremely individualized and focuses on your specific challenges and approach to business.  I provide clear directive, supportive advice, guidance and tools while holding you accountable. You in turn commit to yourself in this process and allow yourself the space and time you need to
listen, follow your passion and trust your instincts.
I can open a door, you must walk thru it. I can uncover the path, you must choose to walk it. I am here for you every step of the way. I will support, encourage and shine a light to help lead the way from where you are today, to where you want to be.

I will be fully present and dedicate my full attention to and your growing business needs. To listen. To help you discover new avenues, gain clarity and move forward with an action plan and road map that will lead to greater success and satisfaction.

Need guidance ? I’m your guide. Need support? Lean on me. Feeling excited? Share away.

I am here to show and provide you with specific tools and resources that allow you the space to be your most authentic self, guilt-free, while creating the life & business you want.

My intention is to give you the opportunity to be more present, prioritize your needs, minimize fears and leap towards all that you desire.

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I Believe…

I believe in YOU. I believe when we share who we are Authentically, we are able to accomplish anything. I believe people desire connection.  I believe in facilitating and supporting passionate people.  I believe when we stay Open we can create deep Connections with others and thriving businesses. I believe anything is possible when we open our hearts and aspire to make a difference. I believe if we Expand outwardly, we will embrace life fully. I believe self-love allows our Fearless Confidence to shine Bright. I believe in creating a life-long practice of rituals that bring Magical Delight.  I believe in giggles, blowing bubbles and warm embraces. I believe child-like wonder and curiosity blossom Creativity. I believe we all need to be more playful, embark on Adventures & savor delicious moments and flavors. I believe everyone’s Journey should feel exactly how they want it to feel and that our paths cross so we can share our unique gifts with each other.



"I had the pleasure and good fortune to attend one of the first Desire Map Beta Workshops, which was held in November in the San Francisco Bay, with Fernanda Bressan. The experience of the Workshop was a transformative one for me and for many of the other participants. It was a day of profound connection with ourselves and with each other. Fernanda brought a wide open and positive energy to the group and to the Desire Map Workshop experience. Her voice and her presence added so much value to our shared experiences that day. Since the workshop, the connections within our group have continued to strengthen and deepen through our active Facebook group. This has been invaluable to the continuation of our Desire Map process beyond the Workshop, and Fernanda has been one of the clear leaders of this group. Her skills in connecting, reaching out, digging deep, and supporting our group have been essential, and I couldn't imagine having gone through this process without her leadership and support."

"If listening is gold then Fernanda is golden. The greatest gift you could ask for in a coach is the ability to listen deeply, as listening is a path to the soul. She is 100% present and respectful of your own personal journey. Fernanda's ability to create a safe haven in the group environment allowed me to open up and share truths I hadn't even realized were bottled up inside, and when emotions flow we can become our true selves!"

Elke Zabinski
Elke Zabinski
Miami, FL

"In a time when we glorify being busy and successful so much, many of us have forgotten to be mindful in the constant chase for the next best thing. That was me and it's what I am constantly challenged by. Working with Fernanda has been uplifting and a beautiful reminder to bring things back to basics. I have enjoyed the lessons and being able to connect with other women who have the same goals. During this process I also discovered a lot about myself and lifelong lessons that I will cherish forever and apply in my daily life."

Jenny Lee Molina
Jenny Lee Molina

"Taking the Creative Insight Journey with Fernanda was wonderful. The lessons and information I learned were incredibly valuable to me especially as a busy mom. It gave me time to focus on myself, learn tools to better my life, and connect and get support from a fantastic group of women. Fernanda organized a great group of women and each week she delivered a thoughtful and insightful lesson. She was a fantastic coach who led us through the weeks with knowledge and support. I'm very grateful to have been part of her pilot group and highly recommend it to any women looking to find there authentic self."

Jessica Zyman Boyd
Jessica Zyman Boyd
Miami, FL