Follow The Yellow Brick Road…

A Mother’s Journey of Re-Discovery

Once we become mothers, life changes. Nothing is what it once was. We are no longer who we once were. These feelings may come right away or over time.  It’s unique and different for each one of us but the unifying feeling is that something changed. We are different now.

The Dorothy Project was created based on my own experiences as a Mother, Coach, Entrepreneur and Friend.  It’s a course that allows women to re-connect with themselves. Thru customized group coaching, experiential exercises and a community of like-minded women, we are able to open our hearts, create shifts and discover our authentic selves.

This journey of re-discovery is an 8 week adventure along your personal yellow brick road, where you’ll grow to trust your intuition, open your heart & face your fears. You’ll discover your inner good witch and learn to separate from the inner wicked witch. There will be challenges and rewards. You may encounter friend or foe. All the while exploring your own deep desires and feelings and honoring who you have become. The journey will lead you home. You’ll go deep inside and allow yourself the clarity to recognize your own inner wizard.

The intention of The Dorothy Project is to empower us to find our own voice and stay true to it.  The goal is to eliminate judgement about our style of parenting, our relationships, and our decisions and to trust ourselves as mothers and ultimately as women.

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